Gang, I received the biggest news this morning!

I received a mailing-list email today from the one and only Bedros Keuilian (the man behind When I saw it, it perked my attention, since I had entered his giveaway for a ticket to the Fitness Business Summit 2010, as well as a hotel room for the summit. Not that I thought I’d win. After all, there were many, many entries, each with its own very good reason for why they needed to win.

Bedros Keuilian - The Man Behind The #1 Fitness Business Website On The Internet

Bedros Keuilian - The Man Behind The #1 Fitness Business Website On The Internet

But what the heck. I thought I’d check it out anyways and mentally congratulate the winner. I right-clicked on the link to get it to open in another window. I thought “Eh. I’ll check it in a minute. I’m sure I didn’t win. I never win anything.”

Then, sure enough, the way I think… I thought on… “Of course, it’d be cool if I did win. That’d be really cool. But I won’t. Oh well. Don’t get excited, Tom.”

I read a couple emails, then I went to the other window and read your post. Sure enough, I didn’t win. But it was ok. I wasn’t surprised… and the guy who one really seemed to need it more and I was happy for him.

Then I kept reading…

“B-U-T we have another winner too…”

My heart skipped a beat and I thought in an instant, “Oooh. Maybe I still have a chance! No wait, don’t get excited… It won’t be me.”

Steve Hochman - Boot Camp Master Trainer

Steve Hochman - Boot Camp Master Trainer

There was an audible gasp. A really loud one, as I read the name Tom. In another instant, I had convinced myself it was a different Tom. Then I saw my post. I was shocked! A very audible gasp, a pause, then another, a pause… it progressed to a “Nah uh! Nah uh! NO WAY!!! TINA! I WON!!! I WON!!!”

My wife understandably thought I lost my mind.

It turns out that another well-known trainer, Steve Hochman, volunteered to sponsor a second winner… me! So thanks to Steve, I had the opportunity to also be a winner. Thank you thank you thank you Steve!

A HUGE sincere thanks to Bedros and Steve. I look forward to meeting you two at the conference.

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