UPDATE: Our sale ends midnight (EST), April 30.
Sorry, This Offer Is Now Closed.

We’re Having A Sale… THE FOOLISH APRIL SALE!!!

Ok, we’re going to practically give away a few advertising spots on Kettlebell.com. These ads will appear on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of Kettlebell.com and NOT in rotation with other ads. That’s right… it’s a little crazy, but hey, that’s how we roll here at The Bell!

We're Having A HUGE Sale On Ads!

We're Having A HUGE Sale On Ads!

If you’re a kettlebell trainer, a personal trainer, a martial artist with your own dojo, the owner of a vitamin or supplement company, or anyone else whose target market are people who are interested in fitness, weight loss, strength training, and so on, you might want to pay attention to this post.

Yes, this is a foolish idea. I mean, think about it… you’re getting the opportunity to have your banner with an exclusive few others on every page of THE ULTIMATE KETTLEBELL RESOURCE, Kettlebell.com. For how much, you ask?

This is the crazy part:

Have your 125×125 banner on Kettlebell.com for $69 for 30 days, $119 for 60 days, $149 for 90 days*. First come, first served. We may decide to close this special offer at any time, so act now!* We will also be rolling out other banner sizes and options, so if you’re interested, contact us.

If you’re interested in advertising with us, send an email to kettlebelldotcom@gmail.com.

This Is First Come, First Served

Some are saying that we’re really FOOLISH here at The Bell for practically giving away these crazily priced banner ads on Kettlebell.com… We say that only a fool would not take advantage of this incredible deal!

*Upon final approval by Kettlebell.com.