Sometimes The Best Workout Is Not The One You’re Doing

Join Coach Jamie Hale as he helps a swimsuit model get into shape for her next photoshoot, discusses the effective use of sledgehammers in one competitive bodybuilder’s workout, and answers one boxer’s question as to whether or not it is necessary to jog more than three miles a day.


I am a swimsuit model and I am getting ready for a photo shoot in January. My agent told me I need to get leaner before the shoot. At this time I weight train 3 days per week, walk on the treadmill 4 days per week 60 minutes, and I eat a low fat diet. This doesn’t seem to be working. How do I get learner? My friend Amanda lost a tremendous amount of bodyfat in one month following your program this is why I am coming to you.

— C. A., San Diego, CA


To optimize your training and nutritional program I would need to ask you a variety of questions and get some specific information in regards to your history, training, nutrition, etc.. A few general suggestions I can make are as follows.

1) Perform mostly multi-joint weight training movements

2) Forget the lowfat diet (look at a diet that is high in protein, moderate fat, low in carbohydrates)

3) Perform high intensity endurance work (Aerobic endurance with anaerobic endurance- also perform lactate threshold training).

Amanda followed the Adipose x program specifically designed to maximize work threshold, and fat loss in short time period. The workout is generally performed 3-4 weeks. The workout can be purchased at The program is not for beginners. My clients have made significant gains with the program. It is also a favorite program of combat athletes.


Coach Hale I recently purchased a weightlifting program from you and I noticed a bunch of tumbling drills in the program. How will that help my Olympic Weightlifting?

— R. H., London, England

A: Staff Writer Jamie Hale Doing A Dive Roll Staff Writer Jamie Hale Doing A Dive Roll

Benefits of tumbling are as follows:

1.) Enhanced body awareness

2.) Increased dynamic and static range of motion

3.) Explosive strength

4.) Enhanced recovery

5.) Ability to absorb shock

6.) Coordination

7.) Agility

8.) Quickness.

I use tumbling as a very basic athletic test. Here is the rule if an athlete cannot perform a basic forward roll in a smooth controlled fashion in two weeks (assuming there are no physical ailments) they have no athletic ability. I have used this test with thousands of people and it has always held true.


I am a competitive bodybuilder who has been stuck in the same routine for the past two years. I was wondering if your sledgehammer workouts would be good for a bodybuilder.

— R. H., Louisville, KY


If incorporated correctly sledge training offers numerous benefits to bodybuilders. Keep in mind there are endless workouts that can be performed with the sledge. Many bodybuilders have reported to me that sledge work was the best thing they had ever done for their forearms and enhanced fat loss. Those are just a few benefits that can be expected from sledge work. Refer to Introduction To Sledgehammer Training and Evolution of The Steel Sledge at


Coach I recently heard you speak at The Arnold Classic and you said there was no need for boxers to jog 3 miles per day. In fact, I think I heard you say boxers should spend very little time doing distance work. I told my boxing coach this and he said you were nuts.

— S. K., Columbus, OH


You heard correct that is what I said. In regards to your boxing coach he is not the first coach that has made those remarks. Although after I train an athlete for a couple of months those thoughts are extinct. The energetic pathways utilized (refer to Muscular Energetics at ) in boxing and low intensity long duration work are vastly different. Boxing is primarily anaerobic especially for athletes who are very active. Low intensity jogging on the other end is primarily aerobic. With that being said that does not mean never perform distance running, but keep it to a minimum and schedule it at the appropriate time in your training regimen (refer to Real Strength Training for Boxers 1 and 2 at )

Try this drill: Perform 10 minutes on a heavy bag. Minute one box at a moderate pace. Minute two throw as many blows as possible. Repeat sequence for 10 consecutive minutes. Great for work threshold, mental toughness, and teaching the athlete to relax when tired.

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Jamie Hale’s list of qualifications include certifications from the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and ISSA (International Sport Sciences Association), as well as a Bachelors degree in psychology, with emphasis in sports psychology, from Eastern Kentucky University. He is also an accomplished martial artist and boxer, having studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Seishin Kai, and Thai Boxing. We are proud to have Jamie as part of the staff of