What Is That Thing???

pavelkbgbofWhat is that thing???

A kettlebell.

Cattle bell?

No. Kettlebell.

Kettle ball?


Cattle ball?

Again, no.

For some reason, the kettlebell seems to adopt many variations on its pronunciation… but no matter what you call it, there’s no denying the fact that this old-fashioned piece of weight equipment is enjoying an unprecidented resurgence of popularity.

What exactly is a kettlebell? It resembles a bowling ball or cannonball with a handle on it. Though they originate from Russia, they were a part of the nostalgic days of Sandow, Klein, and other great strongmen, not only in Russia, but in the rest of Europe and even in the United States.

Giryas, as they are called in Russia, are making a comeback to the modern strength world, primarily thanks to personal trainers such as Pavel Tsatsouline and Valery Fedorenko, who set out to tell the whole world the powerfully effective secret behind the Iron Curtain.

Thanks to Pavel Tsatsouline, Valery Fedorenko, John Davies, Steve Maxwell, Mike Mahler, and other strength gurus, the whole world is once again enamored with the kettlebell. We invite you to browse around here at Kettlebell.com, to learn more about this simple, yet fascinating, secret weapon of many athletes today. Whether your goal is to have the fat melt off your body, to improve your general fitness, or to further excel in the sport of your choice, you will find that the Russian kettlebell is for you. Have a look around, and welcome to the world of the iron kettlebell.