Welcome to the Ultimate Strength Resource

Welcome to the Ultimate Strength Resource

Welcome to the Ultimate Strength Resource

Welcome to the Ultimate Strength Resource


What Is That Thing???

A Kettlebell.

Cattle Bell?

No. Kettlebell.

Kettle Ball?

Again, No.

For some reason, the kettlebell seems to adopt many variations on its pronunciation… but no matter what you call it, there’s no denying the fact that this old-fashioned piece of weight equipment is enjoying an unprecedented resurgence of popularity.

What exactly is a kettlebell? It resembles a bowling ball or cannonball with a handle on it. Though they originate from Russia, they were a part of the nostalgic days of Sandow, Klein, and other great strongmen, not only in Russia, but in the rest of Europe and even in the United States.

Giryas, as they are called in Russia, are making a comeback to the modern strength world, primarily thanks to personal trainers such as Pavel Tsatsouline and Valery Fedorenko, who set out to tell the whole world the powerfully effective secret behind the Iron Curtain.

The whole world is once again enamored with the kettlebell. We invite you to learn more about this simple, yet fascinating, secret weapon of many athletes today. Whether your goal is to have the fat melt off your body, to improve your general fitness, or to further excel in the sport of your choice, you will find that the Russian kettlebell is for you. Have a look around, and welcome to the world of the iron kettlebell.

Interested In Kettlebells?

Here’s What You Need to Know.

Kettlebells are a game-changer… but only if you know how to use it correctly. Don’t underestimate the size to weight ratio or the design – even a basic 16 kg (35 lb.) kettlebell can kick your butt when you first start out. You can blame it on the dense iron most kettlebells are usually made of, as well as the handle, which displaces the center of gravity away from it.

You can expect blisters on blisters and muscles that quiver like jello after a solid workout. Without proper technique and training, however, you can expect giant goose-egg sores on your wrists as well as possible injury. So, PLEASE, get the proper instruction to make your life easier and your workouts safer and more effective.

Below, we display some of our favorite products to get you started. Full disclosure: These are affiliate links. It costs you nothing to click them, but it enables us to receive a small commission if you purchase through our links to help keep the lights on at, so we appreciate your support. Please note, however, we do not take this lightly; we carefully hand-selected these products out of genuine interest in helping you get the BEST equipment and training.


To Start Training

Hey fellow warriors! Our site is currently under construction… soon we’ll be posting fresh new training articles, workouts, reviews, interviews, and more. In the meantime though, we’ve provided you some links to keep you busy. Check out the kettlebells we recommend, some of the best strength training DVDs out there, and more. If you buy through our links, it’ll support the operation of this site… one we intend to be something really special for those of you who train hard and want to train harder. Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST as well as follow us on our social media below. Thanks for being a part of our success!

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While the most popular kettlebell is iron and more spherical in shape, the competition kettlebell is made of steel and is more sleek. While you can train with either kind of kettlebell, if you plan to compete, you may wish to start off with one of these. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

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For beginning men and very fit women, we recommend the 16 kg kettlebell. While very fit men can start with a 24 kg, we do still recommend starting with the 16 kg regardless, at least until you’ve learned the proper techniques and have worked out with your kettlebell for a little while. Women who are new to fitness should start with an 8 kg or 12 kg kettlebell.

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There is much more in the world of kettlebell training than you might think. To start, we recommend some basic kettlebell training to learn safe and proper form. Obviously, you don’t want to drop the kettlebell. Injury is probable if you think you’ll just “wing it”. Also, please, kettlebells are not for curling. You’ll look like an idiot! Hence, get some proper training.


As part of the Tribe, you’re going to love the culture of our hardcore group. Gireviks (people who use kettlebells) are athletes who tend to excel in their arena. We laugh at pain and embrace it, knowing it leads to the conquering of ourselves and our competitors. Since you are now part of the Tribe, you might as well look the part.

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